Thursday, July 21, 2016


Mobile tag prices at HRC

Owners/Members/Trainers                                       Rs.  50
General Public                                                           Rs. 130

Mobile tag prices at OCTC (Off-Course Tote Centres) Rs. 50

We at Wonder Selections are happy that wisdom has dawn on HRC at last. By slashing Mobile tag prices to Rs. 130 for general public HRC has once again took a bold step towards empowering general public to have accessibility to vast information.

          We at Wonder Selections have also took a bold step by offering a new scheme for race goers in Telugu speaking States namely Telangana And Andhra Pradesh.

The new scheme is a monthly package priced at Rs. 10,000
You can also subscribe for a week priced at         Rs.   3,000

Race goers kindly note that this scheme is for the punters residing in Telugu speaking states where HRC is operating.

Result of Hyderabad races conducted on Friday (22nd July):

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Amazing 5 Out Of 5. Sunday Bangalore Races.

100% strike rate on July 3rd (Bangalore).

Race #1. Horse #5 Shield Of Achilles - Available Odds: 2.5
Race #2. Horse #4 Go Green - Available Odds: 4/1
Race #4. Horse #3 Splendid Splasher  - Each way - Placed 2nd
Race #6. Horse #6 New Prince - Available Odds: 0.55
Race #7. Horse #8 Tea Wid Me - Available Odds: 7/1