Friday, September 30, 2016

Good show at Mysore races

We are at our BEST this week on Mysore Races as always

First is came Big BANG BANG

Race#2 Horse# 2.Generous Gesture   - Was available @ 15/1 in the ring
Paid Rs. 93 for a fiver in HRC
Race#3 Horse# 1. Fire Rainbow         - Withdrawn
Race#4 Horse# 11. Intrepid Warrior   - Was available @ 3/1 in the ring
Paid Rs. 18 for a fiver in HRC
Race#9 Horse#4. Sun Glow               - We lost on that


                    BETTING PLANS WINTER

Bangalore Winter Season 2016 - 17 [Code: BangW]

Cap on membership: 10 only [Including renewals] Openings available 2 Season Starts: Nov 4th 2016 Charges: Rs 30,000

Hyderabad Winter Season 2016 - 17 [Code: HydW]

Cap on membership: 10 only [Including renewals] Openings available 1 Season Starts: Nov 1st 2016 Charges: Rs 30,000

We at Wonder Selections are happy that wisdom has dawn on HRC at last. By slashing Mobile tag prices to Rs. 130 for general public HRC has once again took a bold step towards empowering general public to have accessibility to vast information.
          We at Wonder Selections have also took a bold step by offering a new scheme for race goers in Telugu speaking States namely Telangana And Andhra Pradesh.

The new scheme is a monthly package priced @  Rs. 10,000
You can also subscribe for a week priced @          Rs.  3,000

  Though this scheme specially designed for horse players residing in Telugu speaking states where HRC is operating. Knowing the success it achieved, the way it helping common horse players/bettors. We are now throwing open to everyone. One thing we want you know is that no voice call interactions are available. Every communication will be done on WhatsApp.
For more details call us @09908600985